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What is it?:  Smite is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) similar to League of Legends and DOTA 2.  It’s produced by an Atlanta based company called HiRez.

What platforms is it on? Right now, PC, but they are in the beta testing phase of an Xbox One version.

How is this different from other, similar games?:  Other MOBA’S require you to click around the map to move your character and have a top down view of the battlefield. Smite, on the other hand, gives you a third person, over the shoulder view as you move around with WASD keys while aiming with your mouse.  If you are familiar with controls from first-person-shooters, then transitioning to this game is about as easy as it gets. The characters should also be somewhat familiar, as they are all mythological god’s from literature; Thor, Ra, Odin, Hades, Ares, Athena, etc.

How much does it cost?:  FREE!  In a similar fashion to LOL and Dota, its free to play, however, HiRez has decided that for $30 you can get all the characters and any new characters they make.  You can try them all out and see what you like.

Is it easy for MOBA beginners to pick up?:  Yes.  As with any game, there is a learning curve, but with Smite it is a bit easier.  The community is also a lot nicer and doesn’t have that “elitest” mentality you may find with other MOBA’s.

What about high level game play?: Smite offers league gaming.  You can play against other top notch teams or go solo and hook up with randoms.  Smite’s twitch channel shows league matches on a regular basis and the top tournaments frequently have huge cash prizes.  The Smite world championship was funded by community members spending money on in game content, and the prize pool was over $2 million.  It has a rapidly growing e-sports community.

Final Thoughts:  Smite is a game that has outstanding developer support.  HiRez are constantly updating the maps, making them look nicer and making it easier to see where you are on the map.  They have one of the most balanced games I’ve ever seen.  You rarely see a useless god or a broken, overpowered god in this game.  Most god’s are OP when they first launch them, but within a couple weeks they have them fixed properly.  HiRez is also very involved in the community; they love hearing feed back from players and love making cool new skins to go with the gods.  Since recording this video about 2 months ago, they have added about a half dozen new skins and about 3 new gods.  Smite is incredibly addicting, with very high replay-ability.  If you’ve tried League of Legends or Dota and don’t think MOBA’s are your cup of tea, you should still give Smite a try.  The different control scheme, the characters, and point of view make quite the difference.

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