On The Horizon will arrive at the beginning of each month and seek to tease your mind and generate discussion about the coming month in games. It will take a look at some titles that I am really excited to play and also make mention of older games that I plan on spending time with. It’s not about setting up a timetable, just a little whimsy about gaming plans that will undoubtedly be dashed by delayed releases and the inevitable impact of friends wanting to play other games.

May arrives before us with promises of a warm summer that we can all blissfully ignore while inside playing games, which is rather a nice gift for a calendar month to bestow. Around these parts there has been little rain and much sun, a shock to the system for this Irish chap and altogether something I will have to overcome in an effort to spend as many hours as possible in virtual worlds and ignore the one I park my actual body in.

Wolfenstein : The Old Blood launches on the 5th of May and kicks the month off in fine style by doing so. I was a big fan of New World Order, a game that not only embraced all the traits we want from action shooters and allowed us to dual wield enormous shotguns but that also gave some humanity and depth to hulking protagonist BJ Blazkowicz. With those massive club fists gripped tightly around the the grips of more ridiculous guns and those pale blue eyes letting me know that every time I ask him to bullet sponge just one more room of Nazis genuinely HURTS, I for one shall be getting this game on Day One and reveling in the duality of it.

May the 7th sees Roll7’s Not A Hero unleashed upon this earth to answer one simple question…how much murder would a giant purple bunny endorse in his efforts to become the Mayor of London? Answer…all the murder. It’s an interesting pixel-art cover based, platform shooter…eh…thing! I have played the free demo on Steam and would posit the argument that you should too. Roll7 impressed me with OlliOlli and this is more of the same central philosophy when it comes to tight design and challenge.


Also on May the 7th, Project CARS finally hits the tarmac and oh my word does this game look stunning. I know more than a few folk who have their eyes on this and I can honestly say I would get it myself if I had the budget for a wheel and those little pedals that make racing games so much better than NOT having those same items. Depending on how my budget happens to flow it may still be something I pick up…if only for screenshots.

The 12th of May sees Klei try to sneak Invisible,Inc out of early access and into full release. Not quite sneaky enough though as I have been playing this since it first hit Early Access!  A game about espionage, threat assessment and the horror that lurks in rooms that you can’t see into clearly, it is truly fantastic and would have been one of my games of the year last year if I allowed such things to happen. I am a stickler for my own rules though and couldn’t budge on my “no incomplete games on the list” rule so safe to say it will take a major feat to keep this off my list this year. If you enjoy sneaking, turn based shenanigans and tension then this is the game for you.

May the 14th sees retro throwback platform Axiom Verge land on PC after wowing folk on Sony platforms. I want in and I want in bad as it tugs at every heartstring I possess in this weirdly still beating chest muscle of mine. I remember when all games were platform games and this reminds me of those darker times in the brightest possible ways. Everything in this game was done by one man from the programming to the visuals to the music. I love a good lunatic, which this chap clearly is, so my money and my loyalty are his!

May the 19th sees the month’s big dog hit the pound to snarl at all the puppies who would even THINK about releasing the same month as it, but then roll over and offer its fluffy belly to any passing humans who are in the mood to adopt a new game. The Witcher 3 will be here and there shall be much rejoicing. Geralt returns for more monster slaying adventures with adult themes and this truly does look like one hell of a game. With about 200 hours of total content if you feel like doing everything, a massive open world that, the devs have stated, contains no loading screens unless you fast travel and all the usual sexy magic and sexy sex that the Witcher series contains, this is shaping up to be a GOTY contender. Can CD Projekt Red pull it off though? Oh the excitement!


More magic happens on the 26th of May, this time in the form of Magicka 2. The original Magicka was something of a cult classic due to its combination of complex spell casting system and inherent humour.  Magicka 2 is looking to polish the original formula but also bring in some of the other polish from games like Gauntlet and Helldivers which, one could argue, played smoother and better than the original title. Amped level for this is somewhere between “highly” and “too highly, might poop pants” as the old chestnut of teamkilling returns! Ah yes, let the madness commence.

Last on my list is another title I have actually been playing for a while: Chaos Reborn. A redo of the original Chaos by its creator Julian Gallop (he who also made XCOM and as such is effectively a deity). I backed it on Kickstarter and it is, it has to be said, fun as hell. You play as a dimension hopping wizard who seeks all kinds of loot and power and the game takes the form of turn based tactical goodness. It’s quite deep, and I can’t do it justice with just a mention but it is out on some undisclosed date in May, so keep an eye out for it.

So dearest reader, tell me what is on your radar. Any titles coming that tickle your fancy or DLC on the way that makes you tremble at the thought of it? Fill up the comments section below with your words and we shall converse this day.

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