About the DBG Clan

Whether you enter battle with a sword, crowbar, assault rifle, pickaxe, mage’s staff, or your bare fists, lead the charge with a legion by your side. We’re a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for gaming. We put the team and the objective before our personal stats. We play to win, but we also have fun doing so. Integrity, respect, and teamwork are the values we hold down to our core, and do our best to show it both in game and out.

A new dawn is breaking. Can you see the light?

DBG Clan Rules

  • Be respectful to your fellow gamers. We will not tolerate any racist/sexist/homophobic comments, threats, verbal harassment or general douchebaggery towards members or otherwise.
    • Remember that you are a representative of the Dawnbreaker Gaming community so long as you are a member of the clan. Your actions are a reflection of the community as a whole.
  • Do not use cheats, hacks, exploits, glitches, etc. in any multiplayer environment, whether it is an official Dawnbreaker Gaming server, or otherwise. Anyone determined to be involved in this activity will be removed from the clan, and potentially banned from any official DBG servers/events.
  • If you have a clan-related issue, bring it to the attention of the clan leaders and officers. We cannot fix a problem that we don’t know exists, and badmouthing the clan as a whole or sowing dissent is not going to help anyone.
  • Use the DBG clan tag – Members of the DBG Clan must use the DBG clan tag in games for which they are a member. Members are allowed to be in other clans as long as they wear our tags
    • Example: digit4lgh0st is currently a member of Walking Dead Army [WDA], and retains membership status there. The compromise is to wear the [DBG] tag, and keep an in-game name of WDA_digit4lgh0st
  • Respect the chain-of-command; Luminaries should not be contacting Admins unless it’s a serious matter than has reached the top through the proper channels
  • Ignorance of a rule is not a valid excuse – Be advised that these rules may be changed, or new rules added without notice. You are responsible for checking back to ensure there haven’t been any changes made.
  • PTFO – those that do not know the meaning of this acronym need not apply 😉

Rule infractions will be handled by officers. We operate on a two-strike policy; first time offenders will be documented and issued a warning. If the rules are broken a second time, the offender will be banned. Administrators have the authority to issue bans, and they’ll be handed out at the admin’s discretion. If a first-time offense is severe enough, admins may deem it appropriate to ban without warning.

Additional notes

  • Anyone wishing to be a member of the DBG clan must be a registered, active member on the site.
  • Potential members can apply directly to a division and/or platoon if they choose, otherwise they will be assigned a division according to their primary platform.
  • Applicants under 17 years of age require administrative officer’s approval. We welcome gamers of all ages as long as they conduct themselves in a mature and respectful manner.


DBG Clan Ranks

Administrative Officers

Legendary Sol

  • Sol Deity
    • Founder
  • Sol Praetorian
    • Clan Leader
    • Coordinate with Guardians/Captains & oversee day to day operations
    • Event organization
    • Disciplinary issues
  • Sol Guardian
    • Division Leader
    • Oversee operations on their respective platform
    • Keep record of platoons in the division
    • Screen & provide feedback on applicants of their division
    • Coordinate events
  • Sol Captain
    • Platoon Leader
    • Oversee operations on their respective game
    • Screen & provide feedback on applicants of their platoon
    • Event coordination with Sol Guardian
    • Coordinate with their Celestial Guard

Administrative Promotions:
Gained via recommendation upon the retirement of Legendary Sol or creation of a new division/platoon

Member Officers

Elite Sol

  • Celestial Guard
    • Squad Leader
    • Assist Sol Captain with platoon operations
    • Assist with & participate in events
  • Elite Luminary
    • Assist Celestial Guard
    • Assist with & participate in events
    • Mentor newer members


Cadet Sol

  • Luminary
    • Entry level rank
    • Participate in events
  • Cadet Luminary
    • Trial / Applicant

Member Promotions:
Gained via service time in the clan, recommendation from officers, and available rank slots