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Spacious, isn’t it? Nothing here has been crammed aside to make room for advertisements or sponsors, including our opinions.

Dawnbreaker Gaming was created for the gaming community, by the gaming community.

Our team consists of lifelong gamers who are passionate about bettering the digital spaces we inhabit and the tools that we use inside them.

We’re here to bring you news, reviews and creative features, on the site and every other [Saturday? Sunday?] on the Dawnbreaker Podcast.

On this site you can find information about the newest games and their release dates, as well as watch the official Dawnbreaker livestream without ever needing to visit twitch.

We strive to be your first and final stop for gaming information.

Uniquely Independent

We lean on the community, not companies, for support.

Donations ensure that we have the resources to continue to expand our reach and the services we offer. Some of our many fundraising goals include communal game servers, purchasing games for staff to review, giveaways for the community, and eventually even tournaments and other massive events (with prizes, of course)!

You can visit our Patreon page to join the legion of support and to learn more about our future goals and ambitions. Alternatively, you can submit a one-time donation here. Every dollar, pound, euro, ruble, and yen makes a difference!

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Clearly Transparent

No ads = no bullshit.

We’re putting forth every effort to be as transparent as possible. We want to credit every image, every inspiration, and every person involved down the pipeline that brings you amazing content. (If you see something missing or incorrect, please let us know!)

Curious about where donations go? We’ll show you.

We have nothing to hide here, and owe everything to the backbone that is our community, including you.

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We’ve built this place from the ground up with our bare hands, but we couldn’t have done it without some helpful tools along the way