The Rundown


Today we’re bringing you a video by Dawnbreaker Gaming co-founder, and owner of YouTube channel Shustybang, snoov603, and his overall impressions of the Battlefield Hardline Beta. There are a lot of people that are very wary Hardline, as the memories of Battlefield 4’s atrocious launch are still very fresh. In this video, Snoov covers most of the good and bad aspects of the Beta thus far, with extra attention given to the areas of the game that people are very nervous about. If you have an interest in Battlefield Hardline, but are worried about the game due to issues you’ve had with Battlefield 4, this video should help cover any questions and concerns you may have. If you enjoyed the video, please leave a comment here on Dawnbreaker Gaming and tell us what you loved about it, and feel free to add your own thoughts to the discussion! If you didn’t enjoy it, that’s fine too, please leave feedback on why you didn’t enjoy it as well!

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