Did you hear the one about the guy who made the news round up videos for the channel? I am that that guy and my tale is one of sorrow and woe. Thankfully it is here now and all is right with the world. It was an interesting week yet again in the gaming world and I have dragged together three of the most interesting/exciting stories into an odd tapestry of almost news. As per always you can discuss the stories presented here either in the comments here, on the video or head for the forums.

Gameplay of the day is from Metal Gear Solid : Ground Zeros on PC. Freshly out on steam it provides a surprisingly robust experience that really does whet the appetite for Phantom Pain. Most importantly, the mouse aim is on point, making it a standout for a recent port and definitely offering evidence that Kojima is taking the porting duties for his projects very seriously and is treating his audience with the same amount of respect they show to him.

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