Key Features of Batman: Arkham Knight


About Batman: Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight features Batman (Kevin Conroy), a superhero trained to the peak of human physical and mental perfection and an expert in martial arts. He is aided by his friend police commissioner James Gordon, and Gordon's daughter Barbara, who assists Batman covertly as the hacker Oracle. Rocksteady stated that Oracle is "such a strong character," that they wanted to "bring her to life in this game rather than have her as just [a] voice." Arkham Knight brings Batman into conflict with the super-villains Scarecrow, Penguin (Nolan North), Two-Face (Troy Baker), Harley Quinn (Tara Strong), and Riddler (Wally Wingert). The game introduces the villain Arkham Knight, a character created specifically for the game by Rocksteady, DC Comics CCO and comic-book writer Geoff Johns, and DC co-publisher and comic artist Jim Lee. The Arkham Knight is described as a militarized version of Batman, with the "A" logo of the Arkham Asylum facility worn as an emblem on his chest.

One year after the death of the Joker during the events of Arkham City. Batman is struggling to come to terms with the absence of his nemesis and the uncomfortable feeling that the pair shared a bond deeper than either could admit. Without the Joker's chaotic presence, Gotham's citizens have never felt safer, and crime in the city has dramatically declined. However, this gives Batman's enemies, including Penguin, Two-Face, and Harley Quinn, a chance to unite with the singular goal of killing Batman. On Halloween night, Scarecrow threatens the city with his newly created strain of fear toxin and bombs planted throughout Gotham, forcing the evacuation of the city's six million civilians. Only criminals remain in the city, leaving Commissioner Gordon and the Gotham City Police outnumbered. Anticipating a new threat, Batman continues to develop crime-fighting technology, and maintains a vigil over the city.

Arkham Knight '​s Gotham City is approximately five times the scale of the open-air Arkham City prison in Arkham City. The game takes place in the center of the city, which is split into three island areas, with various districts such as the neon-tinged Chinatown, and the industrial shipping yard. Oracle has set up her communications headquarters in Gotham clock tower, which also houses a makeshift Batcave.

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