Hello everyone, and welcome to Dawnbreaker Gaming! Thank you for gracing us with your presence. Allow me to give you a quick rundown of what Dawnbreaker Gaming exactly is.

What is Dawnbreaker Gaming?

Simply put, it’s a one stop shop for any information regarding most upcoming games. What Dawnbreaker Gaming is going to do is compile as many awesome videos and articles pertaining to these new games that are coming out, and put them all in one spot for viewing or reading pleasure. Most importantly, it won’t just be content from any person that wants to have their content shown. We place a lot of value on quality, integrity, honesty, and other characteristics in content creators, and their work. So what we’re going to do is take the guess work out of the content that is available out there. No longer will you need to know if what you’re watching is legitimate, honest, and unbiased content. If it’s on Dawnbreaker Gaming, you can trust it.  When you come to Dawnbreaker, you can trust all of the content to be of the highest quality, created by people who are honest, have integrity & morals, and genuinely care about what it is that they’re saying and presenting to their viewers.

What can I find on Dawnbreaker Gaming?

On Dawnbreaker, you’ll find any and all pertinent information regarding upcoming games, such as: release dates, what regions those release dates are specific to, platforms the game will be available on, ESRB/PEGI Rating, and other tidbits. That information can be found in a number of ways, so looking for any of it should be very easy (check out the release calendar and games directory). You’ll also find news and reviews on new games & DLC as leading up to, and after, the games are released! There’s much more in store for the future of Dawnbreaker Gaming though, so this isn’t all you’ll find on here. We have other features we are working to add in the very near future.

Who runs/owns Dawnbreaker Gaming?

For those that stumbled upon this site on your own, and have no idea who we are, the site was created and is run by Epwna and Snoov603, YouTube personalities turned into web site owners. For better or for worse, we’re still not sure yet ourselves. For more information regarding who we are, and what are background is in gaming, you can read up on our bio’s located in the ‘About’ section.

What kind of content can we expect from you, the creators?

A bit of everything! We’re going to continue to provide the same variety of content on Dawnbreaker gaming that we used to (and still do at times) create on YouTube. Only now, everything will be super professional and stuff. Exactly what that content is will vary between Snoov and Epwna, and at times it may even overlap. When we say everything, we mean it.

What prompted you to create Dawnbreaker Gaming?

That is an incredibly lengthy answer that is not suitable for text. If you found your way to the site any other way than from watching our YouTube video, then we strongly recommend that you please take the time to watch our extremely casual announcement video. You can find the video here:


How can I interact with you and others on Dawnbreaker Gaming?

For starters, we recommend that you make your way over to our forums section and get acquainted with them. We want to make Dawnbreaker Gaming an awesome community from the top down, and that includes you, the readers and viewers. If there’s anything you want to discuss related to gaming, equipment, news, whatever, there’s a spot for that in the forums. We also have a subforum dedicated to finding others to game with, so no longer will you need to play solo if you don’t want to! The more people we have on the forums, the merrier. You can also feel safe in our forums, as we have a very strict anti-troll/no jerks policy for the forums. We’re not into censorship, but neither will we tolerate rude behavior. Follow the rules, and everything will be fine.

You can also check out our contact page to find links to our personal Twitter accounts. Feel free to hit us on there at any time with your questions, or just to shoot the breeze.

That should cover everything. Please, make yourselves at home. If there’s anything that’s at all unclear, please post your questions in the forums, as we will be checking them daily. If you have more specific matters you would like to discuss, you may also email us. But please, if it’s something that can go in the forums, start there first.

Suggestions on things to check out:

Thank you all for visiting the site, and we hope that you’ll stick around! If you find it enjoyable, we would greatly appreciate it if you could spread the word about the site!

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