“Fuck The War”. It’s scrawled on the wall outside the ramshackle, broken down house where your group of survivors has set up their base. Here, they try to do what it takes to survive. They need water, food, medicine and bandages. They need beds to sleep on, a cooker to make their meals and maybe a radio to try and keep somewhat up to date with the war that has torn their lives apart. They need to board up the holes in the walls to stop night time raids from other groups and they need someone to stand watch, to guard the ones who sleep and to await the one who risks it all and goes out to scavenge for supplies. Each member of the group has a special skill. Maybe they have great bargaining power, able to strike a better deal on the cost of those water filters, maybe they are just able to make others feel a bit better about the situation they all find themselves in. Having the right person doing the right thing can be the difference between life and death.

Death comes easy in This War of Mine. Snipers watch the streets, ready to put a round through anyone they see. Roaming gangs are out to salvage the very same things you so desperately need and may have knifes or clubs or even guns, ready to kill you and take what you found. A simple thrown punch can rapidly escalate to murder, or tangentially the supplies you take mean another person goes without the very things they needed to keep them alive. Maybe that injury or sickness someone picked up just will not heal and luck is not on your side when it comes to finding bandages or medicine. Maybe the simple weight of the world grinds them down…the hunger, the cold, the things they have seen and done draining away their will to live until they simple cannot go on.

This War Of Mine offers a unique blend of a survival game and a socially conscious punch to the gut. It explores the human cost of war, far removed from idealized concepts of soldiers and “fighting the good fight” it tries to show you how YOUR war would be, as a person trapped amid the fighting and the slaughter and the horror. What will you do to survive and are you strong enough to pay the price demanded of your actions?

Fuck the war. Buy the game.


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