Whether you’re a long-time fan of the Tomb Raider series or if, like me, you’ve mostly ignored it due to its arcade platformer type game-play, the 2013 installment by Square Enix entitled simply “Tomb Raider” is a standout game no matter your history. The title is currently on sale for only $3.99 (80% off) during the Steam Winter Sale and is definitely a must-buy, providing a solid 15+ hours of single-player as well as a small multi-player component.

Tomb Raider is a revival of the series in the sense that it does not expect you to know anything about Lara Croft, who is portrayed in a much more gritty, adventurous, yet vulnerable manner. The storyline takes you through her transformation from a young woman trying desperately to reunite her friends and find a way to safety, to battle-hardened warrior with more than a few tricks up her sleeve. It’s refreshing to be put in charge of a hero that is not all-powerful and to truly feel the struggle of the character you are controlling as you fight to overcome overwhelming odds and face more than a few losses and betrayals along the way.

Technically the game plays very well, with mostly intuitive controls, an upgrade system that actually provides tangible benefits to your character, gorgeous landscapes, and a surprising amount of variety in level design. If you’ve been looking for a great single-player experience that will enthrall you and keep you coming back for more, look no further. This is one of the very few games that has enticed me to play it to 100% completion.

Tomb Raider is also available as part of the Tomb Raider GOTY Edition for $5.99, and the Tomb Raider Collection for $15.99.

For details on release dates and other related info, head to Tomb Raider’s game page.

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