Survival games are the hottest thing in PC gaming these days, but are they really about survival? This is where The Long Dark comes in. There are no zombies, no mutants, no other players trying to kill you for that sweet hat you just found. It’s just you versus nature, versus the elements. It’s a true survival game in every sense of the word. The Long Dark is currently available for early access on Steam and on sale for only $13.99, a 33% savings from its normal price.

In The Long Dark you find yourself stranded in the remote Northern Canadian wilderness (in the winter of course!) after your air plane has gone down and it is up to you to see how long you will be able to survive. Your biggest enemy in this game is mother nature, and yourself. True to an actual survival game you must concern yourself with several key statistics critical to your survival. You must eat and drink, survive the cold, and manage your level of fatigue. The cute art style is endearing and different but you quickly become immersed in the horror of trying to balance the energy to forage for food with your need to stay warm and not fall asleep while tracking that lone deer you spotted earlier. It doesn’t take long before you will find yourself with the impossible choice of staying in a small cabin to stay warm or going out at night to dig up more snow to melt and drink while faced with the possibility of being attacked by a wolf that’s been stalking you all evening.

The Long Dark truly does convey a sense of having to survive and even in early access it provides many intriguing game mechanics to keep you coming back for more. Once released the game will feature an episodic story line, as well as a sandbox mode, which is currently available and features two different maps. If you’re tired of zombies and PVP survival games, I highly recommend this game for a change of pace and a true survival experience. Heck, buy the game regardless, it’s incredible!

For details on release dates and other related info, head to The Long Dark’s game page.

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