Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an established pillar of the gaming community.  Since its “Incep710n” in 1999 as a Half-Life mod, it has quickly become one of the most played first person shooters in recent months. Built on the Source engine and maintained by Valve, CS:GO operates very smoothly and is updated frequently.  The game is currently on sale on Steam for $7.49 USD, ending on March 16th.

CS:GO has many standard issued multiplayer modes: Deathmatch, Casual 10v10, Competitive 5v5, Demolition, and Arms Race (aka Gun Game).  The popular competitive 5v5 scene has recently been highlighted from a lot of the eSports professional players streaming their gameplay on Twitch.

The competitive mode is what is really driving the success and popularity of CS:GO, as it’s highly addictive, and is where I spend most of my play time.  In this mode, you either play as a terrorist (T) or a counter-terrorist (CT).  It is a best of thirty rounds: fifteen as T, and fifteen as CT, with a halftime where you switch sides.  The role of the T is to plant the bomb, and the CT’s job is to disarm it (if it is planted).  The T has two minutes to plant the bomb, and it takes four seconds to do the planting animation, so in reality you have one minute and fifty-six seconds to make plays.  The bomb will detonate in forty-five seconds once planted, so there is pressure on the CTs to disarm in the allotted time.  Without a bomb defusal kit it takes ten seconds (five seconds with a kit), but the player defusing it cannot shoot while doing so, so it gets hectic.  The round is over when the Ts eliminate all the CTs, or vice versa.  Although, if the Ts plant the bomb and are eliminated, the CTs still have to disarm in time before detonation. You are probably thinking, “Okay I’ve played this game mode, ez pz.”  Nope.avi, friend.  There are several facets of the game that require patience, understanding, communication, teamwork, and practice if you want to be successful.

 Additionally in the competitive mode, you are financially rewarded when you kill another player.  Certain weapons have a particular payout, and reward the player financially for the difficulty of its use.  You are also awarded a bonus if you plant or disarm the bomb.  For each new round you have to purchase new weapons, grenades, and body armor all while trying to forecast if you need to “eco” (save your money) or spend.  If you did not die the previous round, you keep all your gear with you.

 The biggest learning curves of the game are the recoil/gun mechanics, and managing the in-game economy.  There are only a few select weapons that allow you to “ADS” (Aim Down Sight).  That is a visual hurdle that takes some time to get over, because it is one of the few games where a majority of the weapons have no optics or zoom.

 Success in CS:GO is highly dependent on teamwork and communication.  You might have a great shot, but if you are losing every round, being a one-man army does not mean jack.  CS:GO takes advantage of Steam’s in-game voice communication, so if you solo queue with randoms, you have an opportunity to engage in teamwork.

Presently, there is a eSports major LAN event in Katowice, Poland.  Professional teams have travelled from all over the world, from as far Australia and Brazil, to shoot it out for the ESL One Trophy and prize money.  The winning team will split $250,000 USD and have bragging rights for the 2015 season.

I highly endorse and recommend Counter-Strike: Global Offensive because, besides the vanilla game modes, there is a very passionate and active community with servers containing additional game modes and maps.  For $7.49 you’ll definitely get your monies worth, and have a great time playing with friends.  I’m always willing to teach or play with new people so tweet at me @Incep710n and follow me on Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/Incep710n for CS:GO streams.

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