The Behemoth came forth with another masterpiece called BattleBlock Theater, and it’s definitely on my list of favourite games. If you’ve ever played Castle Crashers or Alien Hominid, you’ll recognise the cartoony style and the wacky humour. If you haven’t heard of those games, then I’ve just recommended two more games for you to play.

The story begins as you and your friends were on a journey on the SS Friendship, and amongst them was Hatty Hattington, the best friend to one and all. But a terrible storm struck up and to quote the game: “it was like WHOOSH, WHOOSH and there was thunder BOOM and lightning BOOM and the wind was all WHOOOOOOOOOSH” The boat became ship wrecked on a strange shore, and you awake to find yourself alone. You seek shelter in a dilapidated theatre but you are soon captured by cats. But what’s this? The cats are wardens, but for whom?

As it turns out, Hatty got there first, and placed a magical top hat on his head, but soon became possessed. He took control of the cats, who demand you create amusement for them.

You, as the new gladiator, must make your way through treacherous levels in deadly theatre performances for feline amusement (and to rescue your friends of course). Dodging and weaving through such obstacles as falling rocks, spike pits and water, you collect gems to open the portal to end the level. Collect all the gems and the golden ball of yarn within a time period and you’ll receive an A++ rating by the feline wardens. You can spend the gems to buy some of your friends back from vending machines, and the yarn can be sold for new weapons.

As you progress through the story, you’ll notice the feline wardens becoming more and more restless. They’ll begin to protest Hatty’s regime, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t regard you as a prisoner anymore!

Everything about this game is enjoyable. The controls are smooth, the puzzles are fiendishly delightful but not impossible, the story is interesting and humorous, and the voice acting provided by Will Stamper is just perfect.

The game can be enjoyed either in single player or multiplayer mode. There are also mini games which provide so much amusement. Play it with friends or alone, either way you’ll have a massive smile on your face and your chest will hurt from laughing. But in a good way.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the SS Friendship and get BattleBlock Theatre on Steam right now with a handsome and VERY friendly 90% off!

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