ARMA 3 is hands down one of my favorite games and it is where I have put a LOT of my time this year. Easily 300+ hours have been spent with friends in this military game shooting bad guys and crashing helicopters. Why? Because ARMA can be whatever you want it to be. The base game is impressive and fun but it’s with Mods and the incredibly dedicated Modding Community that ARMA really comes to life. New factions, vehicles, maps, missions, weapons and equipment are all there to be had. You can bring in completely new systems to the game. In our play group we use a mod called MCC to build and control dynamic missions in a seconds and we add a new layer of depth to things with the AGM medical mod, which completely revamps how damage within the game is both taken and dealt with by players.

You can play as a range of roles if you like infantry gameplay, from marksman, medic, crewman, or squad leader. Roll into war with either assault rifles, sniper rifles, light machine guns or SMGs. If taking to the sky is more your style there are helicopters and jets a plenty, once again bolstered by the fine work of the community modders. Steam workshop integration makes grabbing new missions and addons a snap, or head to www.armaholic.com to really get deeper into the community. If you prefer your PvP then there is a vibrant scene for that as well, with many specialist servers running modes like Altis Life, Takistan Life, King of the Hill and Battle Royale. If you like zombies then we have some of that too, with various offshoots of the original DayZ mod having a very comfortable home within the community.

The game is currently on sale with a tasty 35% discount, bringing it in at just under the 30 euro mark, or whatever the equivalent number of dollars or sterling is. Being so focused on bringing Freedom to the repressed people of whatever map we feel like playing on means I haven’t been able to keep up to date with currency conversion rates. All I know is that terror is on the run, and Freedom is on the prowl.

 Check out ARMA 3 on Steam sale now!


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