Spending some more time in Destiny’s universe has blessed me with wisdom and experience. With great power comes great responsibility, so I’m here to share my burden and spread my knowledge.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty bot is your friend. You’ll find him hanging out above the stairs and to the left of the entrance to the Vanguards’ quarters. Completing bounties is hands down the best way to gain experience and rank up. Take on Vanguard bounties (PvE) for Vanguard reputation, and Crucible bounties (PvP) for Crucible reputation. There are occasional timed special events with bounties as well. All bounty types will grant you experience points ranging from 2,500 to 5,000. They’ll restock daily, so check them out, cash them in and rack up the levels early and often.

If You Find It, Mine It

When you run across the natural resource of a specific planet, for instance, spinmetal on Earth, collect it! If you’re being mauled by Vandals, feel free to massacre them first, but after exacting sweet vengeance be sure to pause long enough to mine the resources. You’ll thank yourself later while trying to upgrade your legendary weapons and armor.

Don’t Forget the Freebies

There are a couple dozen codes floating around that earn you grimoire cards, shaders and emblems. Log in to your account on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network on Bungie.net to redeem them for free stuff!

Think Before You Cash In

There’s a certain science to cashing in your bounties. Before you turn in your haul, take a moment to evalute your equipped gear. If you have items equipped that have maxed their upgrades, equip the next best item for that slot before you get your experience points. Once that item is fully leveled, when you dismantle it you’ll receive additional glimmer and materials. I always try to carry at least one additional scrappable item in my inventory for this purpose.

Loot Like a Pirate

Instead of going from point A to point B as quickly as possible, take an extra minute or two to explore your surroundings. Most chests you run across will have only some glimmer and mediocre items, but on occasion you can hit a jackpot of engrams. While on patrol, chests will also respawn in various places, so you can even check somewhere that has previously lacked treasure. In addition to these random chests, each planet has 5 gold chests hidden in their midst. Each gold chest can be opened only once, and should have considerably better contents inside.

All For One

Every 30 minutes a public event is triggered on each portion of a planet. Participating in these events is a relatively easy way to earn reputation and experience, reward increasing with success level of the objective. You can pick up your reward for completing a public event from the postmaster in the Tower.

The Virtue of Vaults

Find some gear, but for the wrong class? Take a deep breath and temper your rage, my friend. Your Tower vault is shared among any and all characters you create, so store your loot into your vault for the day you take on the world with a new character.

Rank or Get Spanked

If you value your sanity, I suggest avoiding the Crucible until you’ve reached at least level 18. The matchmaking and balancing aren’t that great, and lag is a frequent offender as well. I’ve been a level 22 in a match against a level 8. I almost felt pity as I shotgun blasted them in the face. Almost.

Luck is a Skill

UPDATE: The Cryptarch has heard our pleas! Engrams now decrypt to their color level or higher.

…And patience is a virtue. Drops and non-mission rewards (i.e. Crucible) are not skill-based, they’re entirely random; it may take a while to get something good. On top of that, when you do happen to find legendary engrams, they often decrypt down to rare items. I have witnessed the rage this induces, and it is blinding. The developers have commented on their decryption stats and players’ subsequent misunderstanding and disappointment. They seem to be reconsidering and hopefully we’ll see changes for the better. Until then, just remember to take deep breaths.

Three’s Company

Play. With. Friends. Destiny was obviously created with heavy emphasis on co-op gameplay, and it’s the best experience by far. The story missions are much easier, the grind is less tedious, and who doesn’t love hanging out with friends without having to leave your couch? Don’t have friends? Or maybe you’re like me and your best friend is a dog? No worries, just fly over to the Tower and start dancing in the courtyard. Whoever joins your fiesta is a worthy companion. Shoot them an invite, and voila! Better yet, head over to our forums and put yourself out there. I’ve already made a couple of great friends that way. 🙂

If you’ve got any legendary tips of your own, leave them in the comments below!

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